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"Revolutionizing Myopia Management for Children: ZEISS MyoVision Pro Lenses"

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a growing problem worldwide. Studies have shown that 90% of young people in urban areas in Asia develop myopia before age 20, and this trend continues to spread globally. By 2050, it is estimated that nearly 50% of the world's population could be affected by myopia.

If left untreated, early onset myopia can lead to progressive myopia, a severe form of nearsightedness that can cause vision to rapidly deteriorate at a rate of one diopter per year and increase the risk of eye problems, including damage to the retina and even blindness. Myopia control is most effective when started as early as possible, particularly during the developmental stage of the child's vision when emmetropization occurs.

To manage myopia in children, a combination of optical treatments, including glasses, contact lenses, and pharmaceuticals, is often used. However, combining these treatments with a healthy lifestyle is important for the best outcome.

#zeissmyovision Lenses are the next generation designed to slow down the progression of myopia management in children between 6 and 12. This is achieved through a peripheral defocus approach, where light is focused more strongly in the centre of the lens and reduced in the periphery. This helps to reduce the amount of strain on the eyes, slowing down the elongation of the eye and the progression of myopia. These lenses are custom-fitted to match the child's anatomy and lifestyle, ensuring maximum visual comfort. Unlike traditional single-vision lenses, ZEISS MyoVision Pro lenses positively affect myopia management in children, providing clear distance vision while also controlling myopia progression.

Link to Journal articles 2010 study on Myovision lens: 2018 study on myovision lens:

To learn more about ZEISS MyoVision Pro lenses for your child, schedule an appointment with our optometrist or optician for an eye examination."


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